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Hello, my name is Ximeng Liu.

I am come from china, my bachelor’s degree was major in financial management. I am passionate about the digital media, this is my first quarter in the Northeastern University; in additional, I am a double husky as well, my last master’s degree was project management.

According to my interest in digital media, my dream job would be one where I can combine the knowledge of the project management with digital media to work well, for example, do some marketing plan with the digital media creation design in some workplace with the project management measure.

Based on my first master's degree in project management, I've learned the basic knowledge contains the planning, scope, time in the project plan. I have always communication and social ability to work well with the team. I have the confidence to work on the situation and the capability to accept and learn new things in digital media. Additionally, I have a great interest in photography and video production in my spare time.

My interests:

swimming, cooking and travelling.


Mandarin and English